Monday, September 17, 2018

CMYK and RGB in UV Printer Printing

CMYK is also known as the print color mode. The biggest difference between it and RGB is that the RGB mode is a luminescent color mode, and you can still see the content on the screen in a dark room.

  • CMYK is a color mode that relies on reflection. Why can we read the contents of newspapers?

Because the sun or the light shines on the newspaper, the content is reflected into our eyes. CMYK can only be seen if there is an external light source. So it is impossible to read in a dark room. As long as the image is seen on the printed matter, it is expressed in CMYK mode. For example, journals, magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc., all use the CMYK model.
CMY is the first letter of the three printing ink names: Cyan Cyan, Magenta Magenta, Yellow Yellow. K takes the last letter of black, and uses K to avoid confusion with blue.

In theory, only three CMY inks are needed. When CMY is added together, it should be black. However, high-purity inks are not yet available, and the result of CMY addition is dark red. Therefore, in order to ensure the output of black, it is necessary to add a special black ink to reconcile.
RGB is generally called [color three primary colors], R (red) red, G (green) green, B (blue) blue, RGB color tone is 0-255, because RGB is color light, so the superposition of colors is more The brighter it is, it is also called [additive color method].

When the three color values ​​are 255, white will appear. Otherwise, when the three RGB color values ​​are 0, it will turn black. From the RGB color relationship diagram above, it can be seen that B+G is cyan, B+R is magenta, and G+R is yellow, which is complementary to CMYK color.

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