Friday, November 2, 2018

How can uv flatbed printers improve production?

With the rapid advancement of technology, uv flatbed printers are becoming more and more suitable for production work with the market's unique, high-precision and high-speed pursuit. Producers buy flatbed printers not only to be able to have further production power, lower production margins, but to think about how to get profit quickly, and how to make a surplus.

Before commenting on the cost of the uv flatbed printer, we must first know what invisible cost of the printing business is in production? The uv flatbed printer simply prints the cost, mainly refers to the cost per square ink, which is related to many elements:

DPI, which is the resolution. In simple words, the more dots you print per square, the more full the picture, the more ink you consume, and the number of inkjet points during this period can be close to half the difference.

Whether to spray white ink, there are some white paints on the market that need to be sprayed with white background and white paint. The price of white uv ink is higher than that of colorful uv ink. If the same DPI inkjet, you can spray a layer of white. Ink, the cost of this will be even higher.

If you print a full-color picture, the cost of printing ink is about 6-7 yuan, and the relief effect is more expensive. If you are doing a background wall, you can't buy a embossed one. You can buy a sand blasting machine and sculpt the printed picture.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How to test printhead material compatibility?

We all know that inkjet printheads can be divided into oily printheads, water-based printheads, and water-oil general-purpose printheads, depending on the ink used.

What kind of ink can be applied to a model of print head, not to mention that it is necessary to repeat a large number of test work in a controlled test environment for a long time to prove that the ink will not corrode or penetrate the inner cavity of the ink path of the print head. Material to ensure that the print head works properly during the expected life.

Taking the XAAR 1201 print head as an example, the ink path cavity is composed of five different materials. In the test, each material sample needs to be continuously immersed for 12 weeks in a fixed constant temperature and humidity environment, and the degree of corrosion and penetration of each material is recorded periodically to determine whether the ink can pass the test.

This type of test is called material compatibility testing and requires the use of a material compatibility test package from the original printhead. The test results are authoritative and representative. If you just fill the ink into the print head and hit the bubble, you can judge whether the ink is available. This is not a professional test behavior. The result is often the risk is passed on to the printer user.
If it is a desktop printer printhead for office use, the original design is to print daily documents, the amount of ink is not large, not often printed in large quantities, and must be used with the original ink, the printing effect is guaranteed. After such a print head is transplanted to a photo machine, various problems caused by changes in the use environment are unacceptable to many end users.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

How can a UV printer printhead be maintained like a new one?

How can a UV printer printhead be maintained like a new one?

UV printer print head maintenance methods are available in four ways, including initial installation, routine maintenance, fault maintenance, and maintenance during the fake period:

After the equipment is installed, the equipment is initially installed to maintain the print head.
In order to get the print head into optimal operation, before the UV printer officially begins to undertake the production business, please be sure to print some pictures as much as possible in 1-2 days. The picture is best CMYK/LC/LM/W 7 colors. Used, and add color bars on both sides of the screen to ensure that 7 print heads are always in the inkjet state.

How to maintain the print head after the daily work is completed

In the off state
After all the print jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the print head in optimal working condition and to avoid clogging the nozzle due to UV ink evaporation, please follow the method below to maintain the device and let the device stay overnight.
1. Turn off the UV printer power supply.
2. Clean the non-woven fabric with a special cleaning solution, then pour the cleaning solution onto the non-woven fabric to make it wet.
3. Move the handpiece back to the rightmost cleaning station and tightly bond the nozzle to the nonwoven.
4. Keep this state for the device to stay overnight.

Power on
1. Turn off the UV lamp and draw the wind on the platform.
2, print the test strip, check whether the print head status is intact, if not in good condition, continue to maintain the print head until the print head is in good condition (no needle, no oblique spray)
3, do not turn off the computer and software, let the machine standby flash

After the nozzle was found to be slightly blocked, the treatment method was found.
1. Regularly maintain the print head (slightly wipe the print head surface with a non-woven fabric) until the print head is in good condition.
2, cleaning solution maintenance (squeeze the surface of the print head with a sponge stick to the cleaning solution for 1-2 minutes), then wipe the surface of the print head with a non-woven fabric, check the print head status diagram, and repeat the operation several times until printing The head status is normal.
3, combined with the cleaning solution maintenance method, increase the print head correction voltage 1-2V print 2 m * 1 m color block (print the print head state problem color color block) interval 2-3 times check the print head state map until the print head status normal.
4. Do not rinse the print head without authorization. If the print head is damaged, the consequences will be at your own risk!

After the equipment is installed, the equipment is initially installed to maintain the print head.
The UV printer is not used for a long time, and the printer's print head is easily blocked. Especially during the Spring Festival, the temperature is relatively low, and the ink is prone to deposits and impurities after being frozen. Ensure that the room temperature is between 20 ° C and 30 ° C. If the temperature is too low, it may cause serious damage.

Monday, September 17, 2018

CMYK and RGB in UV Printer Printing

CMYK is also known as the print color mode. The biggest difference between it and RGB is that the RGB mode is a luminescent color mode, and you can still see the content on the screen in a dark room.

  • CMYK is a color mode that relies on reflection. Why can we read the contents of newspapers?

Because the sun or the light shines on the newspaper, the content is reflected into our eyes. CMYK can only be seen if there is an external light source. So it is impossible to read in a dark room. As long as the image is seen on the printed matter, it is expressed in CMYK mode. For example, journals, magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc., all use the CMYK model.
CMY is the first letter of the three printing ink names: Cyan Cyan, Magenta Magenta, Yellow Yellow. K takes the last letter of black, and uses K to avoid confusion with blue.

In theory, only three CMY inks are needed. When CMY is added together, it should be black. However, high-purity inks are not yet available, and the result of CMY addition is dark red. Therefore, in order to ensure the output of black, it is necessary to add a special black ink to reconcile.
RGB is generally called [color three primary colors], R (red) red, G (green) green, B (blue) blue, RGB color tone is 0-255, because RGB is color light, so the superposition of colors is more The brighter it is, it is also called [additive color method].

When the three color values ​​are 255, white will appear. Otherwise, when the three RGB color values ​​are 0, it will turn black. From the RGB color relationship diagram above, it can be seen that B+G is cyan, B+R is magenta, and G+R is yellow, which is complementary to CMYK color.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

UV Flatbed Printer Personalized Application Solution

UV flatbed printing application in the personalized gift market
Printing your own photos or favorite image text icons on the gift, getting rid of the gift of the same face has become a gift trend, more reflects the value of the gift and the gifter's originality.

Home decoration and furniture market
The domestic home decoration and decoration market has reached tens of billions, and the personalized decoration of the family is also quietly popular. Users can print their favorite photos or images on tiles, decorative paintings, floors and furniture according to their favorite home styles, and decorate their homes with their favorite styles to create their own personal space.
uv flatbed printer sample
Personalized product market
Most of the popular mobile phone and digital product market users are young and fashionable. Printing their own logo on digital products is the best embodiment of the young fashion group's personality. Some carry-on items such as backpacks, lighters, makeup mirrors, wallets, etc. are also ways in which these users embody their own personality.

Personalized image consumer goods market
In the rapid development of digital imaging, people are no longer limited to printing their own photos on photo paper. The digital printing system can print any image on metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, canvas, ceramics and other products. The effects of products printed on different materials give people different feelings. People can print their own photos on different materials to enrich the expression and effect of the photos.
Cosmetic print sample
Movie game animation and other popular culture peripheral products market
The digital printing system can also print some popular movie and other popular elements pictures on some cultural products according to the latest fashion trends.

Advertising and signage market
Full-color printing such as time card, metal membership card, authorization card, badge listing, etc. is difficult to achieve with ordinary printing technology.
leather print sample
Professional sample
One-time molding does not require plate making, some of its materials can be used repeatedly, and the cost is low; the computer can be directly produced, typeset, and modified, and the operation is simple and efficient, and the cost is greatly reduced.

High quality professional small batch printing
Inkjet direct printing eliminates the need for plate making, high image quality, accurate color positioning, rich printable media, and a wide customer base.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Xaar Print Head Will Become The Mainstream Print Head of UV Flatbed Printer

The Xaar 1001 printhead has many patented design techniques that lead the development of digital inkjet decoration technology in many respects, especially the superior printing results produced by the use of ink droplets to optimize grayscale technology, which highlights its outstanding leadership.

Specifically, the Xaar 1001 printhead has the advantage of having ink drop optimization technology:
This technology enables the ejection of ink droplets of various sizes and sizes on the ceramic tile, which means that the size of the ink droplets can be varied. The variable ink droplet model has the following advantages:
1) The image is more HD and sharper
The high-naturalized nozzles per inch of the Xaar 1001 printhead produce sharp, sharp droplets with a smaller ink drop pattern, which results in sharper images and sharper images during the actual printing process. Printing ink droplets of different sizes is also known as grayscale or grayscale printing technology. The original inkjet device is binary. The ink droplets printed by the two-state printing are of no size. All of them are of one model. When the printhead is printed, it only prints or does not print. In terms of image forming, the intensity and lightness of the color is achieved by the amount of ink droplets. When the image is enlarged to a certain extent, the edge of the image will form a more pronounced zigzag shape, so for some images that are relatively more demanding. It is difficult to achieve a more perfect image effect. And when the ink droplets have a different size, it can make the image more perfect.

2) Produce a wider color gamut
Another feature based on ink drop optimization technology is the automatic drop model selector. This automatic drop model selector gives the tile a different glaze depending on the degree of absorption of the tile to create a wider tile. Color gamut.

3) Grayscale printing
The ability to print ink drops that can print different sizes is called "grayscale printing." As described earlier, grayscale printing can make the pattern more perfect. The realization of gray scale is to quickly eject the ink droplets one by one after precise calculation. These small ink droplets are quickly merged into new sizes according to different requirements after leaving the nozzle, so that the ink droplets reaching the tile surface are made. Different sizes have been produced, that is, grayscale printing has been achieved.
 Xaar 1001GS6 print head
In the Xaar1001GS6 printhead, each of the most basic normal printing single-shot processes can equally eject six ink droplets of the same size, and then the six drops of ink quickly merge into one drop as soon as they leave the nozzle. The most basic ink drop. When the gray level is achieved, there is one more injection process for each level, so the model of the ink drop is a multiple of 6. Then, the gray level of Xaar 1001GS6 is 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 42 ink droplets of several grades. Ink drop models are automatically selected as needed.

In fact, combining the highly natural resolution and grayscale methods, the Xaar 1001 printhead produces a resolution higher than 1000 microns, close to the human eye's recognition limit. In other words, a perfect presentation can be achieved within the normal line of sight. So, the Xaar100 1GS6 printhead can create stunning images and high-definition images.

Xaar 1001GS12 print head
According to the above analysis, the Xaar 1001GS12 printhead can eject a larger volume of ink from 12 to 84 volumes, and can spray more ink for a thicker tile color effect. As a better option, the Xaar 1001GS12 printhead produces the same ink coverage as the Xaar 1001GS6, but prints at twice the speed of the GS6.

The print quality of both printheads is much higher than that of the two-state printhead. The two-state printhead has been described above because it does not change the size of the ink droplets. However, the two models of the Sel 1001 can easily make tile manufacturers achieve excellent reproduction of natural materials such as marble and granite, as well as highly creative new designs.
Ink optimization technology
In order to achieve the high quality ceramic inks and special color effects that ceramic manufacturers want, ceramic ink manufacturers have created new inks for digital inkjet printing. To ensure that every drop of ink that is approved is ejected in the most ideal way, Xaar technology fine-tunes the way the printhead is ejected to form a data file for each type of ink. This is called: " The waveform optimization file is the waveform file. Xaar technology works closely with other components to produce a waveform of each drop, ensuring the accuracy of the drop position, optimum operating voltage, print confidence, and the most fundamental yield increase. Once successfully verified, digital ceramic inks will ensure long-term damage to the printhead, and the best waveform will produce unparalleled print results and double savings in operating costs.

This is not difficult to understand, because the basic physical and chemical properties of each type of ink are different, such as the viscosity, specific gravity of the ink, and so on. As mentioned above, the nozzle is a very precise and precise process when it is working, so that the tiny droplets are combined in the short time and short distance and accurately placed in the corresponding position. It is necessary to have a very accurate calculation of the entire printing process to be realized, so any small data influence can cause errors in this process, resulting in deviation of ink droplets. Therefore, the nozzle requires very detailed performance testing and data analysis for each drop of ink. The data file corresponding to each drop of ink is what we call the waveform file, which is why Serge has always insisted that customers use the correct waveform file. (The wave file is described in detail later)

Our Chunyuqiufeng CF-1016 UV flatbed printer uses the Xaar 1201 printhead.

High print quality, highly versatile and easy to integrate
The Xaar 1201 is a Thin Film Piezo Silicon Micro Electrical Mechanical System (MEMS) technology printhead for printing wide-format graphics (WFG) and textiles with dye sublimation, eco-solvent, UV or aqueous inks. It has 1280 nozzles arranged in 4 rows Printing either 1 or 2 colours at 600 dpi or 4 colours at 300 dpi native resolution.

This is the perfect printhead for OEMs looking to design graphics printers for banners, signage and POS applications because it delivers a high quality of print combined with high productivity and is easy to integrate; therefore time-to-market is minimised.

The Xaar 1201 gives OEMs an assured supply and reputable, quality printhead for the WFG and textiles markets. High print speed, high accuracy and reliability are achieved by the MEMS technology making the Xaar 1201 printhead suitable for either static or multi-pass scanning applications.

All in all, Xaar's unique waveforms and qualified inks guarantee the best quality and maximum usable time.

UV Flatbed Printer Winter Maintenance Method

In winter, due to the cold weather, some components of the uv flatbed printer may undergo subtle changes, resulting in some strange faults, such as printer head impact. These faults are not only time-consuming and costly to repair, but more importantly, they will affect The progress of production. This shows how important the maintenance of winter uv flatbed printers is. Here, we first share three reasons for the common print head impact phenomenon in winter.
Printed sample

The lubricating effect of the lubricating oil is weakened. Due to the cold and dry winter, the uv flatbed printer works in a dry environment, and the ambient temperature is too low, which will weaken the lubrication effect of the lubricating oil on the guide rail of the printer, which will increase the friction when the carriage moves on the guide rail. , it will be easy to appear the impact of the print head.

UV flatbed printer is too dusty. Due to the large wind and sand in winter, too much dust falls on the uv flatbed printer, which causes the friction of the word car on the guide rail to increase, and the print head collides.

UV flatbed printer has foreign objects inside. For the newly purchased printer, the user is not very familiar with the uv flatbed printer, and the packaging materials are not completely removed, which is most likely to occur. Therefore, the newly purchased machine must be removed according to the requirements of the user manual.

According to the analysis of the above reasons, in order to avoid the collision of the print head, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and maintenance from the source of the fault. Below we will talk about the matters needing attention in routine maintenance.
Printed sample

The use of uv flatbed printer in winter, the uv flatbed printer should be placed in a normal working environment, should ensure that the operating room to maintain ambient humidity above 25 degrees, the temperature is maintained between 10-35 ° C, relative humidity of 20 -80%; if the equipment is not used for a long time, the ink should be drained and cleaned with a special cleaning solution to keep the ink head unblocked.

Use the three-phase power plug correctly to ensure that the power supply of the equipment is grounded correctly.

Static electricity will interfere with the normal operation of the equipment, ink head ink will be unstable, in serious cases can cause the motherboard, ink head is burned, so to prevent static interference. Before operating the UV flatbed printer, the operator should wash his hands and strictly follow the operating procedures in the manual. Once the static interference occurs, stop the operation immediately and check the current working environment.

Special reminder to pay attention to the daily maintenance of winter uv flatbed printer, love your own machine, only pay attention to detail maintenance, in order to avoid some troublesome machine failure, but also extend the life of your uv flatbed printer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

What Materials Can The UV Flatbed Printer Print?

At present, many users are familiar with the materials that uv flatbed printers can print. The main consideration is whether a printer can achieve the effect of multi-purpose machine. Whether the printing material is diversified, then we will give you a detailed introduction.

Print glass
Since the surface of the glass is smooth, it is a material that is difficult to print. It is necessary to do the coating treatment before printing, which can prevent the picture from falling off, fading, etc., improve the adhesion and ensure the printing effect is more beautiful. Print glass can print a variety of patterns.

Print tile
Due to the special use of ceramic tiles, printing patterns on ceramic tiles has always been a problem in the printing industry. Before printing ceramic tiles, it is necessary to do a coating treatment in order to better achieve waterproof, sunscreen and scratch-resistant printing effects.

Print phone case
At present, the demand for mobile phone casings on the market is still relatively large. Many people choose a patterned mobile phone case to protect their mobile phones. In the face of such a market, many businesses have joined the mobile phone casing printing and selling industry. However, many users are worried about how to choose a high-precision uv flatbed printer. Many manufacturers have purchased single-head printers on the market before. After using them, they find that such devices are not only slow but also accurate. Market demand.

Print leather
Leather printing has always been a problem in the leather printing industry because the leather is stretchable and the printed pattern is not perfect after being stretched. So be sure to pay attention to this when printing leather.

Print ad
The printing industry should apply the most printing, and the materials such as pvc and acrylic are often used in the advertising industry.

Printing rice paper and painting
At present, the amount of printing on rice paper and oil painting is still relatively large. If such a large quantity is only hand-painted, it will be a very big job. So choose the printer not to choose too small, choose too small print width supply and demand.

The materials that can be printed are not only those described above, but others can also print wooden boards, metal materials, cabinets, fans, glasses, etc. The uv flatbed printer is designed to accommodate more printing media.

What are UV Flatbed and Flatbed Printers?

Customers who need to purchase a machine usually contact a lot of manufacturers for consultation. It is understood that there are quite a few customers who have consulted the price difference is very large, and the same size.

Some manufacturers confuse UV with the tablet, misleading customers who do not understand and do not understand, here is the difference between UV and tablet in inkjet printers.
CF-1016 UV Flatbed Printer

1.The name and name of this inkjet printer is completely different. Some manufacturers are called UV printers, universal printers, universal flatbed printers, UV inkjet printers, digital printers, digital printers, etc.

There are a lot of names, and the whole can be divided into two categories,
1: UV series, 2: flat series.

2.The main difference lies in the process: the flat series machines are mainly modified by Epson. The printed products are weak solvent inks. Many products have restrictions, and the process is more troublesome.

  1. The surface of the printed product must be coated, otherwise the adhesion is not enough, and the printed matter is easy to fade;
  2. It is limited to products that bring you white background, because the weak solvent ink is not white;
  3. Only products that are used indoors are printed, because weak solvent inks are not UV-resistant, and if placed outdoors, the color may become lighter or even faded after a few months;
  4. The printed product is not ready to be dried, needs to be baked or naturally dried.
  5. Can not print embossed three-dimensional feel;
  6. The printing speed is relatively slower than UV, generally printing about 5 square meters per hour. In general, the difference between UV and flat on the process: the UV process is simple, most products can be printed, and the tablet is more troublesome to be coated. Layer, many products are limited.

  • The UV series of machines are mainly based on process machines. They use independent nozzles. Each color uses one nozzle or two colors to control printing with one nozzle. The ink printed is UV ink. With UV UV curing system, the product can be color-free, and it can be printed directly in black, dark and transparent colors.
  • The printing UV ink can be applied indoors and outdoors, and there is no problem in the sun, the wind and the rain.
  • The process is simple, more than 90% of the products are directly printed without coating treatment, and they are ready to be dried, and the finished product is finished.
  • The mainstream 3D relief effect is easy to implement.
  • Industrial-grade nozzles print faster at speeds, typically ranging from 10-20 square meters per hour. The main disadvantage is that the printing cost is relatively high: the cost per square meter of color printing is about 3-5 yuan, and the UV relief printing is about 10-20 yuan.

TaiWan Ink
Is it better to choose a flat series or a UV series?
Now more than 85% of customers who buy machines will choose UV. The flat series is a very early machine. Of course, there will be customers to choose from. The main white leather products and the products used in white can also choose the flat series. Other products are directly recommended to choose the UV series.

UV Flatbed Printer - Naked Eye 3D Effect

How can uv flatbed printers improve production?

With the rapid advancement of technology, uv flatbed printers are becoming more and more suitable for production work with the market's...

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