Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How to test printhead material compatibility?

We all know that inkjet printheads can be divided into oily printheads, water-based printheads, and water-oil general-purpose printheads, depending on the ink used.

What kind of ink can be applied to a model of print head, not to mention that it is necessary to repeat a large number of test work in a controlled test environment for a long time to prove that the ink will not corrode or penetrate the inner cavity of the ink path of the print head. Material to ensure that the print head works properly during the expected life.

Taking the XAAR 1201 print head as an example, the ink path cavity is composed of five different materials. In the test, each material sample needs to be continuously immersed for 12 weeks in a fixed constant temperature and humidity environment, and the degree of corrosion and penetration of each material is recorded periodically to determine whether the ink can pass the test.

This type of test is called material compatibility testing and requires the use of a material compatibility test package from the original printhead. The test results are authoritative and representative. If you just fill the ink into the print head and hit the bubble, you can judge whether the ink is available. This is not a professional test behavior. The result is often the risk is passed on to the printer user.
If it is a desktop printer printhead for office use, the original design is to print daily documents, the amount of ink is not large, not often printed in large quantities, and must be used with the original ink, the printing effect is guaranteed. After such a print head is transplanted to a photo machine, various problems caused by changes in the use environment are unacceptable to many end users.

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