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Xaar Print Head Will Become The Mainstream Print Head of UV Flatbed Printer

The Xaar 1001 printhead has many patented design techniques that lead the development of digital inkjet decoration technology in many respects, especially the superior printing results produced by the use of ink droplets to optimize grayscale technology, which highlights its outstanding leadership.

Specifically, the Xaar 1001 printhead has the advantage of having ink drop optimization technology:
This technology enables the ejection of ink droplets of various sizes and sizes on the ceramic tile, which means that the size of the ink droplets can be varied. The variable ink droplet model has the following advantages:
1) The image is more HD and sharper
The high-naturalized nozzles per inch of the Xaar 1001 printhead produce sharp, sharp droplets with a smaller ink drop pattern, which results in sharper images and sharper images during the actual printing process. Printing ink droplets of different sizes is also known as grayscale or grayscale printing technology. The original inkjet device is binary. The ink droplets printed by the two-state printing are of no size. All of them are of one model. When the printhead is printed, it only prints or does not print. In terms of image forming, the intensity and lightness of the color is achieved by the amount of ink droplets. When the image is enlarged to a certain extent, the edge of the image will form a more pronounced zigzag shape, so for some images that are relatively more demanding. It is difficult to achieve a more perfect image effect. And when the ink droplets have a different size, it can make the image more perfect.

2) Produce a wider color gamut
Another feature based on ink drop optimization technology is the automatic drop model selector. This automatic drop model selector gives the tile a different glaze depending on the degree of absorption of the tile to create a wider tile. Color gamut.

3) Grayscale printing
The ability to print ink drops that can print different sizes is called "grayscale printing." As described earlier, grayscale printing can make the pattern more perfect. The realization of gray scale is to quickly eject the ink droplets one by one after precise calculation. These small ink droplets are quickly merged into new sizes according to different requirements after leaving the nozzle, so that the ink droplets reaching the tile surface are made. Different sizes have been produced, that is, grayscale printing has been achieved.
 Xaar 1001GS6 print head
In the Xaar1001GS6 printhead, each of the most basic normal printing single-shot processes can equally eject six ink droplets of the same size, and then the six drops of ink quickly merge into one drop as soon as they leave the nozzle. The most basic ink drop. When the gray level is achieved, there is one more injection process for each level, so the model of the ink drop is a multiple of 6. Then, the gray level of Xaar 1001GS6 is 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 42 ink droplets of several grades. Ink drop models are automatically selected as needed.

In fact, combining the highly natural resolution and grayscale methods, the Xaar 1001 printhead produces a resolution higher than 1000 microns, close to the human eye's recognition limit. In other words, a perfect presentation can be achieved within the normal line of sight. So, the Xaar100 1GS6 printhead can create stunning images and high-definition images.

Xaar 1001GS12 print head
According to the above analysis, the Xaar 1001GS12 printhead can eject a larger volume of ink from 12 to 84 volumes, and can spray more ink for a thicker tile color effect. As a better option, the Xaar 1001GS12 printhead produces the same ink coverage as the Xaar 1001GS6, but prints at twice the speed of the GS6.

The print quality of both printheads is much higher than that of the two-state printhead. The two-state printhead has been described above because it does not change the size of the ink droplets. However, the two models of the Sel 1001 can easily make tile manufacturers achieve excellent reproduction of natural materials such as marble and granite, as well as highly creative new designs.
Ink optimization technology
In order to achieve the high quality ceramic inks and special color effects that ceramic manufacturers want, ceramic ink manufacturers have created new inks for digital inkjet printing. To ensure that every drop of ink that is approved is ejected in the most ideal way, Xaar technology fine-tunes the way the printhead is ejected to form a data file for each type of ink. This is called: " The waveform optimization file is the waveform file. Xaar technology works closely with other components to produce a waveform of each drop, ensuring the accuracy of the drop position, optimum operating voltage, print confidence, and the most fundamental yield increase. Once successfully verified, digital ceramic inks will ensure long-term damage to the printhead, and the best waveform will produce unparalleled print results and double savings in operating costs.

This is not difficult to understand, because the basic physical and chemical properties of each type of ink are different, such as the viscosity, specific gravity of the ink, and so on. As mentioned above, the nozzle is a very precise and precise process when it is working, so that the tiny droplets are combined in the short time and short distance and accurately placed in the corresponding position. It is necessary to have a very accurate calculation of the entire printing process to be realized, so any small data influence can cause errors in this process, resulting in deviation of ink droplets. Therefore, the nozzle requires very detailed performance testing and data analysis for each drop of ink. The data file corresponding to each drop of ink is what we call the waveform file, which is why Serge has always insisted that customers use the correct waveform file. (The wave file is described in detail later)

Our Chunyuqiufeng CF-1016 UV flatbed printer uses the Xaar 1201 printhead.

High print quality, highly versatile and easy to integrate
The Xaar 1201 is a Thin Film Piezo Silicon Micro Electrical Mechanical System (MEMS) technology printhead for printing wide-format graphics (WFG) and textiles with dye sublimation, eco-solvent, UV or aqueous inks. It has 1280 nozzles arranged in 4 rows Printing either 1 or 2 colours at 600 dpi or 4 colours at 300 dpi native resolution.

This is the perfect printhead for OEMs looking to design graphics printers for banners, signage and POS applications because it delivers a high quality of print combined with high productivity and is easy to integrate; therefore time-to-market is minimised.

The Xaar 1201 gives OEMs an assured supply and reputable, quality printhead for the WFG and textiles markets. High print speed, high accuracy and reliability are achieved by the MEMS technology making the Xaar 1201 printhead suitable for either static or multi-pass scanning applications.

All in all, Xaar's unique waveforms and qualified inks guarantee the best quality and maximum usable time.

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