Tuesday, September 4, 2018

What are UV Flatbed and Flatbed Printers?

Customers who need to purchase a machine usually contact a lot of manufacturers for consultation. It is understood that there are quite a few customers who have consulted the price difference is very large, and the same size.

Some manufacturers confuse UV with the tablet, misleading customers who do not understand and do not understand, here is the difference between UV and tablet in inkjet printers.
CF-1016 UV Flatbed Printer

1.The name and name of this inkjet printer is completely different. Some manufacturers are called UV printers, universal printers, universal flatbed printers, UV inkjet printers, digital printers, digital printers, etc.

There are a lot of names, and the whole can be divided into two categories,
1: UV series, 2: flat series.

2.The main difference lies in the process: the flat series machines are mainly modified by Epson. The printed products are weak solvent inks. Many products have restrictions, and the process is more troublesome.

  1. The surface of the printed product must be coated, otherwise the adhesion is not enough, and the printed matter is easy to fade;
  2. It is limited to products that bring you white background, because the weak solvent ink is not white;
  3. Only products that are used indoors are printed, because weak solvent inks are not UV-resistant, and if placed outdoors, the color may become lighter or even faded after a few months;
  4. The printed product is not ready to be dried, needs to be baked or naturally dried.
  5. Can not print embossed three-dimensional feel;
  6. The printing speed is relatively slower than UV, generally printing about 5 square meters per hour. In general, the difference between UV and flat on the process: the UV process is simple, most products can be printed, and the tablet is more troublesome to be coated. Layer, many products are limited.

  • The UV series of machines are mainly based on process machines. They use independent nozzles. Each color uses one nozzle or two colors to control printing with one nozzle. The ink printed is UV ink. With UV UV curing system, the product can be color-free, and it can be printed directly in black, dark and transparent colors.
  • The printing UV ink can be applied indoors and outdoors, and there is no problem in the sun, the wind and the rain.
  • The process is simple, more than 90% of the products are directly printed without coating treatment, and they are ready to be dried, and the finished product is finished.
  • The mainstream 3D relief effect is easy to implement.
  • Industrial-grade nozzles print faster at speeds, typically ranging from 10-20 square meters per hour. The main disadvantage is that the printing cost is relatively high: the cost per square meter of color printing is about 3-5 yuan, and the UV relief printing is about 10-20 yuan.

TaiWan Ink
Is it better to choose a flat series or a UV series?
Now more than 85% of customers who buy machines will choose UV. The flat series is a very early machine. Of course, there will be customers to choose from. The main white leather products and the products used in white can also choose the flat series. Other products are directly recommended to choose the UV series.

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